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B4 Native Americans

Native Sons Ministry intends several things in the notion “B4 Native Americans.”

First, is the desire that readers develop a heart for Native people, to Be For Native Americans.

Second, is the desire to address the contention that Native spirituality predates Christianity. The One Creator existed before humanity, and before all cultures. Therefore, the Creator is Before Native Americans and before Native spiritual beliefs and practices.

Finally, Before Native Americans is a reference to Native perspectives which must be understood and accepted by those who desire to come alongside and minister with, to, and among Native people.

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B4 Native Ministry


The European settlers of North America often sought to “Christianize” Native people in order to “civilize” them. This is Colonialism – the substitution of culture for Christ (Cf. Acts 15; Galatians).  For too long Native Americans have been told they need to give up everything in their culture in order to serve Jesus. This is not true biblically and has hindered the development of a truly indigenous and biblically-based understanding of Jesus and His teachings among Native Americans. It is time to re-evaluate church practices in light of the biblical witness and Native cultural practices. Native Sons Ministry seeks to facilitate this much-needed discussion.

Additionally, for indigenous discipleship to occur, those within Native cultures must review and discuss how biblical teachings apply to their cultural contexts. Three unfortunate but common problems must be avoided in Native ministry: paternalism, colonialism, and syncretism.

Paternalism exists when a founder, or organizing agency, fails to turn over the reigns of ministry completely to Native leaders. Colonialism is the substitution of culture for Christ. Syncretism is the mixing of biblical teachings with other spiritual practices resulting in idolatry and idolatrous practices. The key to avoiding each of these practices is knowing and obeying God’s Word, coupled with real accountability, and a genuine desire to see others grow into spiritually mature disciples. Native Sons Ministry seeks to be a forum for addressing and avoiding these fallacies.

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B4 Native Sons Ministry

Native Sons Ministry seeks to provide a number of resources to facilitate the development of credentialed Native ministers and the growth of biblical knowledge and understanding among Native followers of Jesus. Additionally, we seek to provide some basic tools and resources for non-Natives seeking to minister to, with, and among Native people so that they might reach Native people more effectively for Jesus and avoid unnecessary offenses and mistakes. 






John Flood is a nationally appointed missionary to the Native Americans in the Assemblies of God. He has taught at Native American Bible College in North Carolina and American Indian College in Arizona. He has researched and written a basic training manual for those who feel called to Native Ministry. He has also written a training protocol for missionary candidates to Native people in the Assemblies of God. Both the manual and the training program are based on the expressed desires and concerns of Native Christian leaders within the Assemblies of God.



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